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Welcome to Shalyssa's Eatz! Shalyssa (AKA) Alyssa is a self taught home cook from Las Vegas, Nevada.

I'm so happy you found your way to ShalyssasEatz! My goal is to share delicious, over the top recipes. 

I started cooking when I was about 15. I moved to Arizona from Las Vegas and my parents didn't get home till 9pm each day due to them still working in Vegas. So, at the time my 10 year old brother lived with us and I had to cook dinner for him every night since they weren't around. I started to test recipes, and just play around in the kitchen. ​I fell in love with cooking and when I finished high school, my dream was to go to culinary school.


I didn't have much financial support, so I couldn't go to culinary school despite that I wanted to. Instead I went to University of Nevada, Las Vegas and worked my way through college. I pursued a degree in Hospitality - Restaurant Management. There I learned a lot about wine, management, marketing, cooking basics, and how to run your own business. 

When covid hit in the beginning of 2020, I started a food instagram to share my recipes for everyone to see! Soon after, I created this blog to share my home cooked meals. Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss a new post!


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